Bright Field

Image-Based Cytometer

BR + 1 color FL
BR + 1 color FL
BR + 2 color FL

Fast and Accurate Image-Based

Cell Counting with Autofocusing

Facscope™ is  the automatic image-based cytometer equipped with fully motorized X-Y-Z stage, autofocusing and best-in-class image processing technology for fast and accurate counting results.

We provide the cost saving 4-channel test slides and image analysis software for deeper research.  


  • Precision motorized X-Y-Z stage

  • Using 4-channel disposable slide

  • 20 µL sample loading volume

Key Features

  • Accurate cell counting by Trypan blue

  • Multi frame image analysis

  • Auto-focusing (no manual focusing required)

  • Supporting gating function for cell size analysis

  • Dynamic range of 5×10^4 ~ 1×10^7 cells/mL

  • Compatible with biosafety cabinet

  • Fast and accurate measurement

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