Automatic cell counter


The most accurate and user-friendly cell counter ever

FACSCOPE B is automatic cell counter based on a bright-field microscopy designed to satisfy customer's need. FACSCOPE B performs cell counting with a simple touch while staining samples with trypan blue. FACSCOPE B has customizable presets for improving the accuracy, and the counting results are closer to manual counting than other cell counters.

Key features

  • Larger counting volume (Max. 3.6 ㎕)

  • Flexible counting option

  • Auto focusing

  • Adjustable presets depending on cell types

  • Advanced software for difficult-to-observe cell


  • High quality 4x objective lens

  • 5 Mega pixels CMOS image sensor

  • 20 ㎕ sample loading

  • Selectable counting modes (Quick, Normal, and Precise)

  • Dynamic range of 1×10^4 ~ 1×10^7 cells/ml

  • Cell size range of 5 ~ 60 um

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