Automatic live cell imaging system

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Analyzing live cell in real time

Celloger Mini is an automatic live cell Imaging system based on a brightfield microscopy technique.

Special treatment applied to the surface of Celloger Mini to withstand the temperature and humidity, so it is compatible with CO2 incubators.

Key features

  • Live cell monitoring and time-lapse image recording. 

  • Compact size and compatible with CO2 incubator

  • Up to 96 well plate availability

  • Intuitive UI/UX and high content image processing

  • Various application for cell analysis
    -    Growth curve & confluency
    -    Cell migration 
    -    Wound healing 
    -    Proliferation and differentiation 


  • Precise auto-focusing

  • Motorized X-Y-Z stage for multiple points

  • High quality 4X objective lens 

  • 5MP high resolution and CMOS image sensor

  • 2 weeks monitoring (Expandable depending on PC capacity)

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