​Bioengineering and Life Science

Curiosis is an innovative biotech company to provide integrated solutions in the field of Life science, especially in cell-based application.

" Curiosis makes Curiosity as Creativity "

Curiosis’s expert team of scientists and engineers are dedicated to develop high efficiency instruments by using core technologies of biophysics and electronic engineering. Providing cutting edge technologies and optimized platform allow the researchers to challenging their progress improvement.

Board of directors

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Hoyoung Yun, PhD

   CEO / President   

PhD in Seoul National University
Post Doc. at Harvard University
Founder & CEO of Cytoneers, Inc.

Changyong Um, PhD

   CTO / Executive Vice President   

PhD in Seoul National University
CEO of Umecha, Co. Ltd.

Daesung Hur

   COO / Head of R&D division   

MS, Kyungpook National University
Managing Director, NanoEntek Inc.
CEO of Curiochips, Inc.

Seungjung Song, PhD

   CSO / Chief Scientific Officer   

PhD in Bio-Engineering, KAIST
Co-founder of Cytoneers, Inc.



Noo Li Jeon, PhD

   Executive Advisor   

PhD in University of Illinois, UC
Associate professor, UC Irvine
Founder, Xona microfluidics
Professor, Seoul National University

Sung Young Choi, PhD

   Scientific Advisor   

PhD in Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST
Post-Doc., MIT
Asst. Professor of  Hanyang University



Incorporation of Curiosis, Inc.

Feb. 2015

Curiosis, Inc. merged with Cytoneers, Inc.

Apr. 2015

Strategic partnership with Umecha, Co.,Ltd.
Aug. 2015

Established research institute
Nov. 2015

Partnership with KITECH
(Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
Apr. 2016

Incorporation of Curiochips, Inc.
Dec. 2016

Established Bucheon factory
Aug. 2017

1st capital increase

Mar. 2015

2nd capital increase

Feb. 2016

Research fund from Korean government 
(0.2 billion KRW)
Feb. 2016

Research fund from KIAT under Korean government 
(1.4 billion KRW)
Dec. 2016

Research fund from SAMSUNG RFC for Future Tech. 
(1.3 billion KRW)
Jan. 2017


​Manufacturing Facility


Research collaborator

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